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As a Web Design,

...in essence, an awesome yet simple and on-point layout that speaks and catches your audience is what you really need. This, is what I will design for you.

As your SEO guider,

...imagine your business or website name appearing on Google when your potential client searches for it? We call this, "Search Engine Optimization," & I'm good at it.

As a Web Developer,

...what's the point of designing a web layout for you, if I can bring it to live? What do you want your audience to do when they arrive on your website?

As a Consultant,

...having challenges with your existing web presence?....Google Analytics, General WordPress Help & Support, and all? I'm here for you.

As a Marketer,

...use my Digital Marketing skills to reach the RIGHT, and SPECIFIC people, no matter where they are. Yes, this is possible. I mean, how did you find yourself here?

As your Web Partner,

The thought even where to begin from, in the online world can be very intimidating. But, thanks to you begin here, it will be a happy story for you.

...& I'm good @,

Web Design & Development
I will design and develop a working website for you 95%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I ensure your website is search on Google 72%
Digital Marketing
reach your right & specific audience 48%
WordPress Help & Support
domain setup, fix, recover, regain access & much more 64%

My Happy Clients say,

Perfect, simple, easy to use and learn. I don't have to call Rodger every now & then, unless I'm really stuck.
Mwape Mwansa
Ulendo Creative Media
Graphic Designer
Just absolutely amazing piece of work. Modern, simple and attractive designs, with incredible loading speeds.
Hope Mulongwe
Mulo Bakes
Bakery Owner
If you're a student, now you can access the course material online, via our Academic House ZM online library, thanks to Rodger.
Lyoba Mwansa
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Let’s begin and grow your journey together.
Be it an Online Store, Be it an Online Newspaper, Be it an Online Resume / CV Card, Be it a Corporate website for your awesome company or a church website for your congregational local church, I’m all available.